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Advanced Course in Infection Prevention & Control

14 CEUs


Full course description

Course Overview

The Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center's Advanced Course in Infection Prevention & Control is designed for those leading infection prevention efforts for their organizations and will focus on implementation science, epidemiologic methods for surveillance and basic biostatistical analysis, interpretation of the literature for evidence-based practice, and leadership training. 

This is an on-demand course with a maximum of 14 CE credits. Students will be prompted to log in or create an account with Canvas in order to access the course materials.

Target Audience

Infection prevention professionals such as facility leaders, experienced infection preventionists, and hospital epidemiologists, who have participated in and gained considerable knowledge through specialized infection prevention and control (IPC) training, have considerable practice or fieldwork with IPC concepts, and lead IPC activities within their healthcare facility.

Overall Learning Objectives

  • Examine how to incorporate leadership theories, meeting management, and knowledge dissemination into infection prevention roles.
  • Identify how to utilize implementation science, business plans, biostatistics, and scientific literature to refine and improve an infection prevention and control program.
  • Describe the role of a leader in infection prevention concerning regulatory requirements and emergency preparedness.
  • Discuss advanced concepts of infection prevention related to environment of care, including facility design and water management.


  • Infection Prevention Global Overview
  • Implementation Science
  • Epi Methods for Infection Prevention: Basic Biostatistics
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Leadership Change Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections National Quality Reporting
  • The Science of Meetings and Effective Facilitation
  • Performance and Quality Improvement in Infection Prevention
  • Modifiable Risk Factors and Performance Measures
  • Reading the Using Scientific Literature
  • Sustaining and Adapting a Champion of Infection Prevention Team
  • Facility Design, Construction, and Renovations and Infection Prevention
  • Water Management

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